Our Testimonials

We're very pleased with the roof. It's the perfect color and we were very pleased that the workmen cleaned up so well.

Your job was completed as per estimate and done in a timely manner given that poor weather conditions prevented it from being done sooner.

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Roof Insulation

Insulation is the most single important element in terms of home's energy efficiency, and a key element to reduce energy bills. Install the maximum amount of it in your home's attic, walls, ceilings and floors. Often that means higher levels than those required by law. Before installing, unless you know well the details of your home's insulation, it's advantageous do conduct some basic checks on your insulation. Install as much insulation on your attic, walls and floors as possible. The official requirements may fell short of the optimum.

Why Choose Tims Roofing Repair?

We’re the Industry Leader.

Our high ratings are even more impressive when you consider that we install far more square footage than any of the other companies included in the study. In fact, we consistenly win high volume and quality awards year after year from suppliers in the country. And we maintain many more crews than other contractors in our industry.

We Handle Projects of All Sizes.

While we take great pride in being awarded some of the largest roofing projects in the country, we’re equally proud of the fact that we work on projects of all sizes, and we handle much smaller projects every day with the same enthusiasm and commitment to quality.

We’re the Specialists.

As opposed to a general contractor or a company that does many different kinds of roofs, Tims Roofing Repair Contractors specializes exclusively in spray foam roofing. This focus gives us a level of expertise and a familiarity with even the newest technology that other companies simply can’t match..

We’re Experienced.

We’ve handled roofing projects of all sizes for hospitals, school systems and others throughout the country.

We’re Quick.

When there’s a roof problem, time is critical, and we’ve built a reputation for fast response. Each of our vehicles is equipped with a computer and wireless internet access, so we can respond quickly to requests for estimates, often visiting the site and providing an estimate the same day.

We’re Accountable.

In the event of a service call, a report gets logged into our system and e-mailed immediately to the appropriate field technician in the area. Whoever is in the region inspects and resolves the issue as quickly as possible and files a resolution report electronically.

We’re Greener.

We use the most environmentally-friendly materials and process available in today's era.